U.S. soldiers could fly into battle on jet-powered platforms like Spiderman’s Green Goblin

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Like the plot of a Marvel comic book, soldiers in the United States military may soon be flying into battle on jet-powered platforms like the infamous Green Goblin from the Spider-Man series. At face value, it may sound completely unbelievable and ridiculous, but it could be closer to becoming a reality than you might imagine.

In June, Franky Zapata shocked the tech word when he revealed the Flyboard Air — a jet-powered hoverboard that can travel 93mph and up to 10,000 feet in the sky. Implant Science, a supplier for the Department of Homeland Security, purchased Zapata’s firm shortly thereafter, leading many to believe that the hoverboards will soon be making their way onto the battlefield.

And why not at least test out the technology? War is ever-changing and seems to become more and more unpredictable by the day. If hoverboards could somehow give the military an advantage in a wartime setting, it’s understandable why they would at least test out the technology to see if it could be incorporated into their system.

War of any kind is extremely dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible, but we’re living in complex times when nothing is certain. It’s not difficult to grasp why every available technology is being considered for military purposes. Furthermore, no word has been announced as to if or when the Flyboard Air will be released to the public. If this technology somehow becomes of vital military importance, would those in power want civilians to have access to it?

It seems a bit far-fetched, but can we really write off anything becoming a possibility? It feels like something unbelievable happens every hour nowadays. Unpredictable has become the new normal, so it’s never a good idea to count anything out, regardless of how absurd it may seem.

Comic books, movies, science fiction novels — they all seem to predict the future when it comes to the way human beings kill each other. So is art imitating life, or is life imitating art?





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