The perfect off-the-grid vehicle has two wheels and can drive underwater

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There’s an ongoing debate over what makes the perfect vehicle for surviving in a collapsed society. Many argue that a gritty, four-wheeled vehicle with a tough exterior is the key, while others claim that a stealthier, maneuverable two-wheeled vehicle is more efficient. Both may be correct, and both may be wrong. Only time will tell.

But now a new vehicle is being developed that could potentially be the ideal mode of transportation during a survival setting.

Named the Libelule, the spherical vehicle is legitimately accessible in all terrains. Like something out of the post-apocalyptic video game Twisted Metal, the vehicle is comprised of two large wheels and a waterproof interior. Even more interestingly, the wheels work similarly to paddles on a boat, which allows the Libelule to travel underwater in an efficient manner.

That’s what makes the the vehicle so impressive. It is all-terrain in the purest sense. It can travel on both land and water, and is durable enough to withstand the dangerous effects that will come with the inevitable collapse.

Perhaps the only real downsides to the vehicle are the lack of storage space and the sheer amount of attention it will surely draw. Since it’s a unique device with a strange aesthetic, there’s no doubt that other survivors will be extremely interested in the Libelule, which opens the door for all kinds of issues in regards to survival and safety.

In all honesty, it would be preferable to have multiple vehicles on hand for different uses, the “perfect” off-the-grid mode of transport honestly depends on your specific location. Large, bulldozer-like vehicles have their own benefits as do smaller, quieter vehicles. If you are close to the water, the Libelule may very well be the smartest choice, but it’s important to analyze your entire situation before determining which choice is correct for you.



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