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Breakthrough brick-laying robot to put millions of brick layers out of work

New York-based Construction Robotics has developed a bricklaying robot that can build walls six times faster than a human worker. The

Nanoweapons may wipe out humanity before the end of the century, warns futurist

Today’s exploitation of nanotechnology may one day lead to the creation of mini-nuclear bombs and lethal robots the size of insects,

3D printing of metal objects achieves stunning breakthrough: Entire JET ENGINE printed in metal

Monash University and Amaero Engineering have acquired one of the biggest metal 3D printers currently in production. The Xline 2000R metal

Elections could be stolen in the near future when voting rights are granted to digital, virtual “copies” of human consciousness implanted in machines

Artificial intelligence may soon become a complete entity of its own and may even share fundamental rights with humans, according to

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