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Walmart to unveil SEDENTARY shopping where you don’t even have to walk the store… flying DRONES bring all the products to your basket

Humans and technology have a bittersweet relationship with one another. One the one hand, it makes our lives more convenient.

Big Brother: Amazon’s Alexa programmers are now working on voice identification software

Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa, may soon have the capability to identify who is speaking to it – a feature

Marines bringing future tech to the modern battlefield with ‘GuardBot’

When one envisions aquatic warfare, images of everything from historic galleons manned by sword wielding pirates to massive battleships containing

Medical drones may soon serve as new immediate emergency response

The positive use of drones is expanding, and may be used to help disaster victims soon. Medical experts at the


Amazon PrimeAir’s drone delivery service will cover our skies and feed our need for ‘instant gratification’

Although this month’s much-heralded first delivery performed by a fully autonomous drone was, in effect, little more than a

Introducing the first affordable home robot for “entertainment and companionship”

I’ve been away from school for a couple of decades or so. I went to college in the ’70s, dropped out, and

Using wireless interface, operators control multiple drones by thinking of various tasks

A controller wears a skull cap outfitted with 128 electrodes wired to a computer. The device records electrical brain activity.

New ‘riot police’ robots emerge in China, armed with electronic shock capabilities, as the world moves to let machines establish order

Would you trust a robot cop over an actual cop? That is the dilemma Chinese citizens are facing with the

NYPD might be adding drone pilots to terrorist database

The possibility of drones being fitted with firearms and explosives has forced the NYPD to crack down on illegally operated

New Counter-UAV System destroys drones by severing connection between the aerial vehicle and its pilot

As technology continues to grow, our expectation of privacy unfortunately shrinks with it, especially in the wake of the development

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