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04/17/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

The pizza giant is turning to robotics, just like everyone else. Domino’s Pizza has formed a group called Domino’s Robotic

04/06/2017 / By Frances Bloomfield

Bill Kochevar, 56, was left paralyzed from the shoulders down after a cycling accident severely injured his spinal cord. In

03/17/2017 / By Russel Davis

A new scamming method has been making the rounds on the internet and has caused alarm over the use of

03/13/2017 / By Daniel Barker

Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa, may soon have the capability to identify who is speaking to it – a feature

02/08/2017 / By Tracey Watson

It is entirely possible that driving your vehicle could become illegal in the next dozen or so years, but not

01/04/2017 / By roboticsnews

For about two years now, Mayfield Robotics has been working on something. A robot, we’d heard. Something helpful for the

06/14/2016 / By Greg White

An ex employee with the Dominican directed energy directorate (INFOTEP) in charge of creating the country’s psychotronic weapons has disclosed

05/23/2016 / By Jennifer Jablonski

The possibility of drones being fitted with firearms and explosives has forced the NYPD to crack down on illegally operated

05/04/2016 / By Greg White

A fuel-free engine that appears to violate the known laws of physics has made headlines once again. Mike McCulloch, a

04/25/2016 / By Greg White

Exoskeletons have leaped from the world of science fiction and found a purpose in the market place. A new exoskeleton, created

04/25/2016 / By Greg White

Panasonic recently debuted their robotic exoskeletons, which bestows wearers with superhuman strength and the ability stride at great distances. The

03/24/2016 / By Greg White

Renault-Nissan has confirmed plans to release more than 10 autonomous cars by 2020. The vehicles will be equipped with cutting

01/14/2016 / By Chris Draper

Robots will outnumber humans in 24 to 39 years, claims Logan Streondj, a software programmer and science fiction writer. Whether

01/05/2016 / By Chris Draper

Everyday, thousands of young adults lose their virginity. Although sealing the deal is a cause for celebration, it is an