Walmart to unveil SEDENTARY shopping where you don’t even have to walk the store… flying DRONES bring all the products to your basket

Humans and technology have a bittersweet relationship with one another. One the one hand, it makes our lives more convenient.

North Carolina Department of Transportation using Drones to spy on motorists

According to a 2013 report from The Washington Times, it was predicted that by 2018 the skies over America would be populated

Medical drones may soon serve as new immediate emergency response

The positive use of drones is expanding, and may be used to help disaster victims soon. Medical experts at the

FAA approves airborne poison-spraying pesticide drones

If glyphosate wasn’t scary enough for you, Monsanto’s newest idea will surely have your hair standing on end. The agri-business

Using wireless interface, operators control multiple drones by thinking of various tasks

A controller wears a skull cap outfitted with 128 electrodes wired to a computer. The device records electrical brain activity.

New Counter-UAV System destroys drones by severing connection between the aerial vehicle and its pilot

As technology continues to grow, our expectation of privacy unfortunately shrinks with it, especially in the wake of the development

Two U.S. states may legalize armed police drones: Gunfire from the skies soon to rain down upon Americans as fat, lazy cops operate remote drones like video games

With the rise of drones, Americans are just as likely to be attacked from the sky as on the street.

The dangers behind Amazon’s newest drone delivery service

Drones — despite much flak from the public — are now the new stars of Amazon’s latest service offering. The

Russia to convert T-90 tanks into land drones

The history of warfare is about to change forever. Russia is turning its T-90 tanks into the equivalent of a

Boeing develops laser cannon that blasts drones

Boeing is on the brink of developing a laser cannon strategically designed to blast drones out of the sky. Although

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