06/12/2017 / By Jayson Veley

Those who routinely have nightmares about robots taking over the world may want to move on to a different article.

02/08/2017 / By Tracey Watson

It is entirely possible that driving your vehicle could become illegal in the next dozen or so years, but not

02/07/2017 / By Daniel Barker

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has developed some amazing robots over the past few

10/25/2016 / By Martin Mavis

Robots, machines and Artificial Intelligence can now think and act on their own.

04/25/2016 / By D. Samuelson

I have no desire to upload my neural network onto a Google hard drive. Seems to me that the mind

02/26/2016 / By Martin Mavis

Google has unveiled its latest “Atlas” humanoid robot that’s the perfect platform for mounting weapon systems to exterminate humans. All

02/10/2016 / By Greg White

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt believes artificial intelligence (A.I.) can help researchers solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, including population

11/10/2015 / By Chris Draper

Computers trump people at various games, from chess to trivia. Nevertheless, there remains one pastime where humans still reign supreme: the

09/24/2015 / By Chris Draper

Horror movie enthusiasts delight in the idea of a zombie apocalypse. So much so that some people have promulgated “how

09/22/2015 / By roboticsnews

Google’s android “Terminator” army is nearly ready for its assault on the human race. With tech pioneer Elon Musk (and