10/13/2017 / By Robert Jonathan

Researchers in Paris are reportedly developing robot technology that can determine gender based on the human touch. The emotional robot project, within

09/09/2017 / By Frances Bloomfield

Are traffic lights set to become a thing of the past? They very well could be in a future where

05/09/2017 / By Earl Garcia

Artificial intelligence is set to replace 50 percent of all jobs in the next 10 years, renowned technologist Kai-Fu Lee predicted. In a

10/11/2016 / By roboticsnews

ADORABLE, AND ALSO BENIGN Article by Ian Bogost Paro (2003) This therapeutic baby-seal robot makes eye contact and responds to

09/19/2016 / By roboticsnews

Using the power of thought to control a robot that helps to move a paralysed hand: a project from the

09/14/2016 / By roboticsnews

They’re not taking over, and they don’t want your job. Article by Martha C. White The increasing use of robotics

09/01/2016 / By Demo Super Admin

FARMERS can improve yields and profits with robotic tech­nology, a German engineering company says. Article by Shannon Twomey Dr Amos

08/29/2016 / By Greg White

The magic school bus has leaped from the pages of childhood fiction and onto the physical road. The Aerospace giant,

08/25/2016 / By roboticsnews

A group of Israeli high school students came in second place at an international robotics competition in Shanghai, China. (Article

07/20/2016 / By Mary Wilder

Among truth-seekers, science junkies and those of us who are constantly looking to expand our understanding of new technologies, Nikola