A Pocket Guide to the Robot Revolution

ADORABLE, AND ALSO BENIGN Article by Ian Bogost Paro (2003) This therapeutic baby-seal robot makes eye contact and responds to

Brain to Robot: ‘Move, Please’

Using the power of thought to control a robot that helps to move a paralysed hand: a project from the

Here’s Why We Need to Stop Freaking Out About Robots Stealing Our Jobs

They’re not taking over, and they don’t want your job. Article by Martha C. White The increasing use of robotics

Huge Benefits in Robots, Says Bosch Deepfield Robotics in Germany

FARMERS can improve yields and profits with robotic tech­nology, a German engineering company says. Article by Shannon Twomey Dr Amos

Aerospace firm launches ‘magical school bus’ that takes children on a virtual reality trip to Mars to inspire a new generation of space explorers

The magic school bus has leaped from the pages of childhood fiction and onto the physical road. The Aerospace giant,

Israeli Students Win 2nd Prize at Chinese Robotics Contest

A group of Israeli high school students came in second place at an international robotics competition in Shanghai, China. (Article

How Nikola Tesla could have saved the world with a powerful, limitless energy source

Among truth-seekers, science junkies and those of us who are constantly looking to expand our understanding of new technologies, Nikola

Watch insect robot use static to stick landing

Small drones need to stay aloft to do their jobs—whether it’s searching for dangerous gas leaks or remotely monitoring atmospheric

Who Will Become the Leader In Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming the next big “industrial revolution”, both in this country and around the globe. If you are

Wonder League Is Bringing Robotics Clubs To Elementary Schools

Does your child’s school have a robotics club? Children from kindergarten through the fifth grade are learning computer science with

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