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Walmart to unveil SEDENTARY shopping where you don’t even have to walk the store… flying DRONES bring all the products to your basket

Humans and technology have a bittersweet relationship with one another. One the one hand, it makes our lives more convenient.


Toyota announces robotic leg “WelWalk WW-1000” that helps paralyzed people walk

Toyota recently unveiled its Welwalk WW-1000 system designed to assist partially-paralyzed patients in walking. The robotic leg, developed in collaboration with the Fujita


Brain power: How one paralyzed man was able to move his arm again

Bill Kochevar, 56, was left paralyzed from the shoulders down after a cycling accident severely injured his spinal cord. In


Robocop? Crime-fighting robots to join police force

Maybe someday it will menacingly order citizens to drop their weapons — or else  a la Robocop. (Article by Robert


MUSK: Humans must become cyborgs to survive in dystopian future

Advancements in technology have surpassed our wildest dreams over the past several decades. What many people once considered to be


Study: Robots could soon replace most government workers

According to a study by the British think tank, Reform, robots could potentially replace 90 percent of federal workers, a


Google gives driverless cars the green light for business, but are we really ready for AI piloted vehicles on our roads?

It all sounds so futuristic and exciting, this concept of driverless cars, but the reality is, our society may not


Marines bringing future tech to the modern battlefield with ‘GuardBot’

When one envisions aquatic warfare, images of everything from historic galleons manned by sword wielding pirates to massive battleships containing


Giant terrifying 13 ft avatar robot controlled by human pilot, walks and moves like humans

The world of robotics is rapidly advancing and as it does, it is capturing the imagination of more and more


New platform allows AI to learn ‘how to do almost anything’ on a computer – what does this mean for humanity?

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest threats to our future imaginable. If not treated properly, humanity is extremely likely


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