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Health Ranger debunks ‘machine consciousness’ theory in a new mini-documentary

Those who love technology and the emerging capabilities of robotics are almost giddy when they talk about how humans, soon, will be able to achieve immortality because the ability to “transfer” their consciousness into a machine will make it so.

They also believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems will evolve and become “self-aware,” thereby achieving the very same kind of mind consciousness that are unique to the human experience.

Not so fast, says Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

In recent days, Adams released a new mini-documentary called, “The Folly of Machine Consciousness,” in which he dismisses such notions and reveals why anyone claiming that a machine will be able to attain some sort of human-like consciousness are not only incredibly wrong but also misguided.

‘You will never be able to transfer your consciousness’

Within the documentary, as part of presenting his case, Adams argues that memories are not physically stored in the brain. And, despite doing yeoman’s work in terms of research, some of our most brilliant doctors, scientists and neurologists have failed to find the physical “location” where memories lie.

“Consciousness is not an artifact of complex neurology,” Adams notes. That’s because it’s a self-contained, non-physical state of existence that interacts with the physical brain to translate conscience acts and intentions into physical actions in a world that is three dimensional.

“Let me just lay it out as bluntly as I can,” Adams begins in the video, “you will never be able to transfer your consciousness to a machine.”

Adams says that at some point machines may be able to simulate various states of conscious thought and action, and even develop some form of AI that functions in a similar manner. But that’s why it’s called artificial intelligence—because it is a creation and is not natural.

The Health Ranger noted further in the video that humans have varying levels of existence—“a physical body, a biochemical body, an energetic body, and a spiritual body.”

And they all interface with your physical brain.

Adams acknowledged that indeed there is a “non-physical” part of every human that cannot be weighed or measured using today’s known scientific standards of physical measurement. That “spirit,” he says, is eternal and cannot even be destroyed through physical destruction of the body.

“It’s something projected” through the current physical and biophysical interface of the brain and the nonphysical spirit.

And none of this can be successfully transferred to a machine.

Fear that machines will take over the world

There is no doubt that modern robotics is advancing in leaps and bounds. Indeed, there have been tremendous advances in AI over the last decade alone. But the arrival and advancement of AI supposedly has some of the world’s greatest minds in a tizzy. One of them is Elon Musk, who has said on multiple occasions that he believes machines will someday take over the planet, as reported by Wired in January 2015. He is joined in that conclusion by physicist Stephen Hawking.

And while that is a long-term fear, Wired noted further that AI poses great challenges in the short term as well. In the past five years alone, AI advances—in particular, those within a branch of AI algorithms called deep neural networks—are putting AI-driven products in the forefront of our lives.

Many of the big tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Baidu “are hiring artificial intelligence researchers at an unprecedented rate, and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into the race for better algorithms and smarter computers,” Wired reported.

The rapid advancements made in AI and other fields, including robotics, has led to warnings by Musk an Hawking that machines will be advanced to the point where they can begin advancing on their own, without human intervention, thus eventually finding the human race more of a distraction and a detriment (think “The Terminator”).

But what Adams says is that regardless of this kind of advancement, AI will never take the place of genuine human consciousness and thought.

See the entire mini-documentary below.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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