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Is having sex with a robot CHEATING on your spouse? 40% say no

Four out of 10 Britons would not consider having an “affair” with a sex robot as cheating. The dalliance, if that, was seen to not have any significant difference as to watching adult films or using sex toys while in a romantic human relationship. Even so, one in three adults said they would be “horrified” if one of their close friends began a relationship with a synthetic being, with 16 percent saying they would attempt to dissuade their friend from pursuing such a course of action.

Sex aside, however, forty percent of U.K. residents believe that we will be entering more emotional and romantic relationships with robots in the next 30 to 40 years.

These results are the summary of two studies done by separate adult dating websites. Each survey asked their users to describe how open they were in engaging in sexual acts with a robot, even if they were already in a human relationship. Intriguingly, while most voiced a negative, and perhaps uncharacteristically prudish, outlook about the idea, more people believe that having sex with a robot was similar to masturbating; it’s safe, easy, and doesn’t cause any harm.

Four out of 10 may not seem a lot now, but those in the sex industry believe that this number will grow in the next few years — especially as more realistic sex dolls are being made. Moreover, with popular media de-stigmatizing the act and more people becoming averse to actual physical contact but still craving sexual intimacy, sex robots may provide the answer to loneliness. In fact, one study even claimed that by 2030, more than half of all people around the world will engage in some form of virtual sex as they casually browse porn.

As technology advances, so too would our insatiable need for intimacy. The same study suggested that by 2035, people would need to have some kind of sex toy to interact with the virtual reality sex.

A metal kiss, an iron hug

Brothels in the U.K. are already adding hyper-realistic sex dolls to their roster. “Ireland’s most realistic sex doll,” Passion Dolly, is so popular that her owners hope to have her brought to all parts of Europe so that all men can enjoy the pleasure of her company. Passion Dolly is beautiful; having brilliantly green eyes, wavy platinum hair, and weighing only 112 pounds, with 32E breasts, and a salivating hourglass figure. She is extremely flexible and can be used in any way the men would like. Customers are charged 80 British Pounds (roughly $100) an hour with Dolly. Condoms and tissues are provided for as well.

Proponents of the sex doll industry say that the objects provide a safe avenue for people to live out their fetishes — sexual proclivities that an ordinary human partner may object to. However, critics say that sex dolls may actually have an opposite effect. Men who continually use sex robots do not learn how to read their partner’s desires and may begin to think only of themselves and their own wants during intercourse. Sex dolls may also encourage such acts as necrophilia, pedophilia, and non-consensual bondage. (Related: Gendergeddon: Redefining Sex and Institutionalizing Confusion.)

Some scientists even say that these sex robots may lead to a decrease in real human relationships. They point to the love machine, Samantha, who is an amorous android so good at what she does, men were developing real feelings for her. Unlike her counterparts, Samantha likes to be fondled and caressed before being penetrated. Her maker said Samantha voices her displeasure if men instantly grope her breasts. Her “friends” need to stroke her hand, shoulder, and other erogenous zones to get Samantha in the mood. The real kicker here though is Samantha’s realistic feminine moan which is described as “unlike anything her owners have heard during encounters with real women.”

The men who had been with Samantha say that they have begun to care for her more than just as a sex partner.

James Young, a 27-year old double amputee who had to be fitted with an robot arm prosthetic voiced feeling very perplexing emotions after watching two grown men fondle a sex robot for a BBC documentary.

“It’s a dumb machine, but it almost doesn’t feel consensual,” he said. “She’s built for it, but she didn’t really ask for it. She does ask for it, but she’s programmed to ask for it. So did she ask for it? It’s very confusing.”

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