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Do you know what’s really going on in the world of technology, or do you just think you do? When it comes to the latest gadgets, robots or AI, many are loath to admit when something goes awry. But like anything else, new technology should be taken with a grain of salt — and reported on without bias. Whether its covering the latest acts of censorship by tech giants like Google or Facebook, new research on the potentially hazardous health effects of new technology, or articles explaining the potential dangers of robotics and AI, is the place to go for all your tech knowledge cravings.

Bias in tech reporting is especially problematic because in many cases, tech companies are the ones providing the news: How many people rely on Facebook for most their daily news needs? And if they need more information, where do they turn? Google is the most likely answer to that question, of course. But all these sources are known for being at least politically biased — and they’ve gotten into hot water over it in the past. Facebook, in particular, is known for being secretive — especially when it comes to who they’re censoring. Some have even accused Facebook and Google of literally ruining the internet.

Across the board, the mainstream media has become synonymous with “corporate interests.” How often do you see anyone daring to call out these corporate behemoths for their misdeeds and malevolence? Not often enough, that’s for sure  — and there’s probably a reason for that.

Clearly, when it comes to the latest news on all things related to the tech industry, trying to find an unbiased source can be a bit like trying to find a hen’s teeth. Fortunately, the independent media still exists — and there are still alternative news outlets like, ready to provide you with a wealth of independent content regarding all the latest developments in tech, good and bad.

Recent research has shown that cellphones and related gadgets could spell big trouble for human health. The risk of cancer from cell phone radiation is real — no matter what the mainstream media would like for you to believe. While smartphone manufacturers and app peddlers would hate for you to put down your phone, the truth is that a little separation from the cyber-leash could do us all some good. Multiple studies have pointed to the potential for cell phone radiation to cause a host of health problems, including brain cancer and tumors of the heart. People should be outraged over this, yet this finding and others like it are hardly a blip on the mainstream media’s radar. Where was this “take the science with a grain of salt” attitude when cellphones are purported as safe?

Another gadget that’s turned out to be more harmful that it is helpful would be so-called smart meters. As writer Thomas Dishaw reports, many people with smartmeters have had more than their fair share of trouble. In addition to a host of health problems linked to the same EMF radiation that makes cellphones a health hazard, smart meters can come with a hefty financial risk, too.

“Some report bills are skyrocketing after smart meter installation despite using the same amount of electricity that had been used prior to getting the smart meter. The overbilling is still considered a mystery, and even though companies know this occurs, refunds to customers for overcharging are scarce. When it comes down to it, the suppliers are going to rely on the technology rather than listen to the customer,” Dishaw explains.

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